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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Improving Friendships During Pregnancy

I did a little research around the web today about how to be a better friend when one of you has an unplanned pregnancy.

What should you do if a good friend is suddenly and unexpectedly pregnant? Do you know how to help and support her? This video and article comes from the UK.

What should you do if you become unexpectedly pregnant and your old friends start to avoid you?

How do friends often feel when they find out you're pregnant? (The author feels betrayed and abandoned and she has a hard time dealing with her feelings.)

Understanding what your friend is going through, whether you or she becomes pregnant, is a foundational step in keeping your friendships strong during the time you need them most- especially during the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Great Web Resources for Young Moms

It's more trendy lately to wait until later in life to have children, in order to get a head start on a career or to build financial stability, but sometimes life has a whole new idea- You have an unplanned pregnancy while in college or in your early twenties.

Check out some great things that have been created by other young women, when life threw them a surprise. These are some impressive ladies!

Picture above is from

Early Mama
This website, "Early Mama" is for those women who choose to have their babies earlier. The website offers support and inspiration for mothers both married and single. The site is run by Michelle Horton, a 26-year-old mother, wife, and optimist.  she now spends her days as a work-from-home writer. She writes daily for Babble.comDisney Baby, and, and she has a weekly column with Parenting Magazine.She's also been published at The Huffington Post,,  SELF MagazineYahoo! Shine, The Stir, the Etsy blog, and several book anthologies. She was named a Cision Most Influential Mama in 2012, CafĂ© Mom named Early Mama one of the “10 Blogs That Will Change the Way You Look at Motherhood,” and Early Mama has been cited in The Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

The Young Mommy Life
Here's another great one, very similar to "Early Mama." It's called, "The Young Mommy Life."
Tara Pringle Jefferson is the founder and editor of, one of the first websites created specifically for young mothers’ concerns. She is an author, social media consultant and young parent advocate. Created in 2008, The Young Mommy Life has been featured on Sirius XM, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Ebony magazine,, and for its realistic portrayal of young motherhood and all it entails. With readers logging on from South Africa to London to Brazil, The Young Mommy Life is a global movement for changing how young mothers are perceived in the media, by policymakers, and in our communities.

Tiny Blue Lines
This next site, "Tiny Blue Lines," is impressive too. The site is by Chaunie, a freelance writer, speaker, labor and delivery nurse, and an advocate for women facing unexpected pregnancy. She's the mom to two little girls and one "adorably chunky little man." And she's writing the book on young motherhood.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Didn't Plan this Pregnancy- What Should I do?

Every day in America...
  • 16,438 women become pregnant
  • 8,219 women experience an unplanned pregnancy
As you can see, if you didn't plan your pregnancy, you are definitely not alone. About half of all pregnancies in America aren't planned. 

But, sometimes the best things in life happen when we're making other plans! The situation you're in might not be ideal, but what is? 

Here are some good resources to check out right now on the web-

Most people struggle with what to do in unplanned pregnancy because of financial worries. Ask yourself whether you would want to give birth if you could afford it?

There ARE ways to afford it. There are people who want to help you.

First Way of Eugene, Oregon is a great place to go to find out about the resources in our community that can help make sure your needs and the baby's needs are well taken care of. Also, take a look at our resource page!

Come and visit First Way
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Call 541.687.8651 

Hours: M-Th 10-4 and Fri 11-2

Here's some other information for people struggling with financial issues

Statistics from-
American Pregnancy Association

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Unplanned Pregnancy? You need emotional support!

Pregnant? Wondering what to do? Have a friend that is in that situation? We have lots of resources here on the website for you to look at and review.

Interesting- Did you know that if you google "friendship" and "pregnancy," about 70% of the links that come up are about losing friends when women become pregnant? Many of the articles are about how to keep and retain those friends. We at "Talk to a Friend" hope to help you make new friendships as well as maintain those you already have. 

During an unplanned pregnancy, you need intense emotional support from friends. Looking for suggestions? Tips? Follow our blog as we address these concerns over the next few weeks.

Here are a few articles about women who were completely taken off guard by unplanned pregnancy, worked through the emotional chaos and confusion and their lives are even better as a result.

How I Unexpectedly Had Four Kids!

Unplanned Pregnancy Announcements- How do family and friends respond?

Check back regularly for more news, articles, information, friendship and support!

Give us a call at 541.687.8651 if you live in Eugene, Oregon and would like to come in for a pregnancy test or ultrasound or just to talk about what's going on.