Worried About What To Do? (Eugene, Oregon)

Relieve Your Worries

Worried About..

Your Career and Your Future?

Unplanned Pregnancies Don't Mean Failure In Life

About Your Health and Healthcare?

Oregon Mother's Care

Nurse and Casemanager Home Visits

Lane County Public Health
Babies First! and CaCoon
Pam Stuver
135 East 6th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401
Telephone: 541‐682‐4670
Fax: 541‐682‐2455
Website: www.LaneCounty.org
Email: pamela.stuver@co.lane.or.us
Description: Maternity case management.
Nurse home visiting services for pregnant
women at risk for poor birth outcomes and
infants and young children at risk for poor
health outcomes and/or developmental delays.

Where will I live?
Need help with rent? 

Catholic Community Services of Lane
Young Fathers Program, Murane Mutual Home,
Teen Housing, Housing counseling, homeless
prevention, rapid re-housing

Mira Gattis
1025 G Street
Springfield, OR 97477
Telephone: 541‐345‐3628, ext. 312
Homeless, press ext. 327
Need Rent Assistance, press ext. 323
Fax: 541‐744‐2272
Website: www.ccslc.org
Email: mgattis@ccslc.org or

Need to Know what help is out there? 

Family Support and Connections
Free, Voluntary, Family Friendly Service
Resources and Support Services
1025 G St
Springfield, OR 97477

541-345-3628 ext 311
email lthompson@ccslc.org

What will I do about childcare?

Family Relief Nursery
Parent Education
Heather Murphy
PO Box 1207
720 N. 14th Street
Cottage Grove, OR 97424
Telephone: 541‐942‐4835
Fax: 541‐942‐7359
Email: heathermurphy@oip.net

Head Start of Lane County
Albertine Mitchell
221 B Street
Springfield, OR 97404
Telephone: 541‐747‐2425
Fax: 541‐747‐6648
Website: www.head‐start.lane.or.us
Email: amitchell@hsolc.org 

Your Current Relationship?
(Info coming soon!)

But, I'm just a teenager!
Churchville High School
Health and Family Class, Teen Parent Program
Julie Johnson ‐ Director of Childcare and Teen
Parent Programs
1850 Bailey Hill Road
Eugene, OR 97405
Telephone: 541‐687‐3414
Website: www2.chs.lane.edu
Email: johnson_jul@4j.lane.edu

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  1. Great information. Know other service and more. We are a state certified Child Care Center. Child Care Eugene Oregon located in Springfield, Oregon. Led by Janelle Lee who has many years of Child Care Network leadership experience. Our nursery school and preschool programs combine child care with quality educational programs. Our rates are affordable and our staff exceptional.