Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Mother's Story

This testimonial is from one of 1st Way's clients who has been with us for a long time and we have helped her through the stages of her pregnancies and beyond. 

She now has two children, ages one and two, and she still regularly visits our office for help with diapers, baby clothes and other needs and concerns she is having. We were honored that she also shared her story at a recent 1st Way fundraiser, and she has given permission for us to publish parts of her handwritten story here:

"Life can be hard, but you helped me to keep my sanity! I want everyone to know that sometimes you could do everything in your power to provide, you might seek any and every good answer. Yet, sometimes, the answer is to seek help. And then you find understanding and gracious people there to offer you the help you need ever so much. I will have no better word to call such actions and people than, "Heavenly Miracles."

(from page 2)

"Thank you for keeping the babies warm and dry, thank you for keeping the smiles on their faces as well as mine. Thank you for making caring for babies more possible. Thank you for saving our lives. We love you."

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  1. this is a great example of Christianity in action - it's wonderful !!

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