Friday, March 22, 2013

Working Mom= Social Misfit?

Just found this amazing blog today!

Working Moms = Social Misfits? How to Fight Isolation 


So many women are waiting until later in life to have kids that when women have them younger they often feel alone, like a misfit. Few at work or school can relate to them. "Star Mom" has some good ideas about how to adapt and socialize in the work environment. 


Here's another great place to look for inspiration:

Take a look at Working Mother's 2012 Working Mothers of the Year.
"They bring home the bacon…and the fruits and vegetables, and occasionally some frozen entrees."

It's amazing what women can do!

Sometimes, life can feel overwhelming. We wonder how we can possibly do all we want to do in life.
Looking around at those our age who seem so free in their childlessness makes it harder to decide that you can be a mother, successful in a career and HAPPY, too! But, you can!

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